Meet Your Development Commando

Arad Tech Has Been Rendering Solutions for Technological Challenges for 30+ Years

What We Do

We provide companies with development outsourcing services using the Dev-Team-as-a-Service model where the client determines team size and composition and can change team structure and scope month-to-month.

We assign a product manager on our behalf for 1-2 days/week at the client site (according to client needs and wishes) to operate the development director located abroad, who then operates his dynamically-changing dev team.

Who We Do it For

We focus on SMBs interested in developing a product/software without the headaches of recruiting, managing and ultimately dissolving a team. You won't need to chase us… We are responsible for the project and also ensure post-development support.

Arad Tech - 30+ Years of Experience and Still Youthful


Need World-class Developers?

Arad Tech sources professional dev teams for entrepreneurs, businesses and companies to assist in developing and launching quality & advanced technological solutions

Modular Team

In-house Rep.

Novel Development Methods

Customized Software

Developing a New Product?

We can help you develop even the smallest product and ensure it has maximum value

We support the following services:

MVP development

Sprint Zero

SaaS Development

Api Development

Web Applications Development

Mobile Application Development

Suffering From Delays Due to Dev Team Recruitment?

We specialize in these technologies (and others):

We specialize in the following technologies

Your Dream Team

30 years of technological project management + dynamic development teams = your profit

Arad Tech manages its dev teams using the most advanced agile methodologies available, similar to companies such as Google, Amazon and Intel

Product Manager

Located in your offices to manage communications with the dev team

Full Stack Devs Team

A cohesive team with rich teamwork experience that will obviate the need for a learning curve, unlike a recently-recruited fresh team

Designated Development Team

Able to render the service and support that you require

UX/UI Designers

With in-depth understanding of your needs who will compile a clear and user-friendly product for you since day one.

DevOps Team

Capable of leading a project - from upgrading infrastructures and IS to advanced software development


For manual & automatic testing and consistent quality

No Need to Recruit - We're Here!

Need a larger dev team? We'll organize a modular team based on project scope and suitable professionals

Forming a World-class Team

We form a top-notch team that fits your changing demands to the letter.

Managing Processes

Product management, quality assurance, DevOps - all backed by expertise.

Arad Tech provides more than just a team of developers to work on your product - you also get every resource you require to create a successful product.

Your teams will receive our full support so that you could benefit from a winning process, minus the endless employee recruitment.

You can breathe easy…

With our 'launch and forget'

Customized Development

Customized software development according to organizational needs

Smart Product Development

We assist in strengthening product parts based on its business value

Azriel Arad, Founder & CEO

"Development teams are likr football clubs - the winning team is not necessarily the one that ran fastest - but rather the one that knew how to play best as a team. I invite you to become part of our winning team".

Connecting with Arad Tech

Arad Tech devs are here to unburden you when it comes to developing a component or addon, API product or internal project.
You'll receive a reliable product that can be released rapidly and safely without the unending rounds of revisions - want to know how it works? 

What Makes Arad Tech So Special?

We've Got a Winning Process

There are quite a few aspects that make Arad Tech unique. We use a winning process, one based on how product teams are run worldwide, to alleviate our clients from the headaches caused by employee management, while simultaneously make the work itself faster - and as a result - less expensive.

Why Choose Us?

  • We listen to you and understand your project needs
  • We create a prototype to further promote the process
  • We cross our t's and dot our i's even before building the product
  • We develop the most accurate product for your users
  • We also provide post-development warranty and service

What Our Clients Think

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

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